We Matter Puppet Making Kits

We Matter Puppet Making Kits

Funding contents for basic at home puppet making kits.

Benefit of learning new skills - sewing

Keep learning is one of the Five Ways to Wellbeing, five evidence-based actions which can improve personal wellbeing. Adults engaged in lifelong learning are more likely to be healthier, have better mental health and be more social connected. They are also more likely to participate in the community and decisions concerning the community. Learning new skills increases individuals’ employability, supporting the economic growth of the community. Adults involved in learning are more likely to be involved in their children’s education, helping them learn and raise attainment.



Project team

Buzz Health and Wellbeing Service (Neighbourhood Health Worker)


To provide a creative pack (puppet making) for families to try with children.


I loved how creative was the project. Lots of amazing possibilities to make whatever we wanted. I was very happy to see kids to engage and try various stitching techniques."

" Our progress is a little slow but kids enjoyed that they could make things of their choice. And we were happy about the support we had in our group chat such as we were directed to useful website. Also its nice to be part of a supportive group of people who encourage each other."

“1Excited, looking forward to do the sewing. Happy that we have something to do during lockdown."

"Good experience. Improve confidence using the needle and thread. Time well spend with together. Very proud of the sewing stuff made.”

“I felt quite happy and exited when I open the packs. They were so colourful. Me and my two boys loved the activity. We loved sewing puppets, sharing them on group was wonderful because everyone was praising it and felt really valued”

“Kids were excited as it was the first time for them to sew. Having their own packs and not knowing what to fully expect in the bags, added to the surprise."

"It was lovely to sit together and do an activity. My 9 year old has autism and for her to sit that long and be involved was a bonus! It was lovely to see everyone sharing their pics and giving ideas.”


This project was a success. As shown by the quotes, this project provided a creative outlet and break for families during another lockdown.

Strategic links to local/national policies



Helping people live healthier lives

Healthy Lives, Healthy People (MH Government, 2010)

The Manchester Locality Plan – A Healthier Manchester

Manchester Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Manchester Prevention Programme

Increased mental wellbeing

Manchester Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Greater Manchester Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Increasing community involvement

Healthy Lives, Healthy People (MH Government, 2010)

Manchester Prevention Programme

Socially connected communities

Manchester Population Health Plan


NHS Five Year Forward View (Department of Health, 2014)

Taking Charge of our Health and Social Care in Greater Manchester (GMCA, 2015)

Our Manchester Strategy

Giving children the best start in life

Taking Charge of our Health and Social Care in Greater Manchester (GMCA, 2015)

Greater Manchester Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Research/evidence base

Duckworth, K. and Cara, O. (2012) The Relationship between Adult Learning and Wellbeing: Evidence from the 1958 National Child Development Study.

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NIACE (2011) - Social value of adult learning for community empowerment.


Nico Dhillon - Neighbourhood Health Worker


T. 07553 708029

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“By attending buzz's PARS exercise classes, it encouraged me to join a walking group, a gym and a gardening class at Whitworth Art Gallery.”

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