Ryder Brow Community Allotment

Ryder Brow Community Allotment

Project to create gardens, improve green space, plant and grow seeds.

Benefit of gardening

Exposure to green space can have a positive effect on both physical and mental health. Studies have shown that gardening can reduce depression and anxiety and local green space has been linked to improved mental health and wellbeing. For older people, gardening can be a useful source of physical activity, while supporting independence and reducing loneliness. Living in areas with green spaces is associated with less income-related health inequality, weakening the effect of deprivation on health. Urban green spaces can contribute to social cohesion but the quality and maintenance of green spaces is important to make them appealing.


Ryder Brow allotments

Far Lane,

Gorton, M18 7FF

Project team

Ryder Brow Community Allotment

Manchester Community Central

Manchester Urban Diggers

Sow the City


The Ryder Brow Community Allotment Society was originated from a team of neighbours who decided to come together and tackle a derelict section of the Ryder Brow allotment based in Gorton affected by fly-tipping, over-growth, and neglect. They become tenants on neighbouring plots and worked together to prepare the land for organic food growing. In 2019 the group formalised the community allotment society through three plot holders donating their plots so that they could be developed and shared as a growing space for the community. Manchester City Council has approved these plots to be designated as a community garden.

Recently the buzz Neighbourhood Health Worker team has supported Ryder Brow Community Allotment to develop a space where wellbeing sessions can happen to help get people in area back out of their homes after lockdown and bring the local community together to spend time outdoors enjoying gardening and good company.

Buzz became involved when “Sow the City” connected buzz with help Ryder Brow Community Allotment to develop a space to hold wellbeing workshops where participants could observe and learn about nature while they give back to the community, learning ways to grow their own food without using chemicals, sharing what they know, gaining confidence and enjoyment in their lives while connecting people together.


"Just to say thanks for helping with transforming the neglected, fly-tipped, weed-riddled Ryder Brow Community Allotment Society plot which hasn't been used for over thirty years! Thank you for being my "buddy" on the Manchester Wellbeing fund project that we have kindly received for our BEING WELL BY GROWING VEG project. You have held my hand on this journey since our first contact on 24th February, 2020. It was wonderful to have you assigned as my buddy to help me through many challenges. We will soon procure the polytunnel, the main purpose to provide shelter and growing space for the beneficiaries. I have attached some photos which illustrates some "before" and "after" scenes, and volunteers have agreed that their photos may be sent to you.

With your guidance, our community group have secured much needed communication equipment and services through the FAST TRACK FUND. We were able to confidently coordinate volunteering days by making a rota to follow government Covid-19 guidelines, including social distancing. In fact I am typing this email on the laptop we bought with the Fast Track funding.

Please pop by if you're in the area, plus I will send you some pictures when the polytunnel is constructed. Many thanks to you and the Wellbeing Team for having faith in our community project and for giving us a push-start in the propagation of this project.

Best regards, Ryder Brow CAS"


Buzz has supported Ryder Brow Community Allotments to access funding to develop the site so that the wellbeing workshops can happen through building a polytunnel where the workshops will take place and for all the plant pots, compost and everything else needed to run the course as well as a new computer and telephone to help with the organisation and to help the group to stay in touch.

Noah has also supported the development of the project making links with frontline NHS social prescribers to link people in need with the project. The Manchester Community Central Capacity Building Team have offered additional support and guidance.

The project is well under way and the hope is that recruitment for the workshops will begin soon.

Strategic links to local/national policies



Increased mental wellbeing

Manchester Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Supports older people

Taking Charge of our Health and Social Care in Greater Manchester (GMCA, 2015)

Reduces income-related health inequalities

Fair Society, Healthy Lives (Institute of Health Equity, 2010)

Improves local area

Our Manchester Strategy

Increased social cohesion

NHS Five Year Forward View (Department of Health, 2014)

Can be used for social prescribing

General Practice Forward View (NHS England, 2016)

Research/evidence base

Public Health England (2020) Improving Access to Greenspace: A new review for 2020

Houlden et al (2018) The relationship between greenspace and the mental wellbeing of adults: A systematic review PLoS One, 13 (9)

The King’s Fund (2016) Gardens and Health: Implications for policy and practice

World Health Organization (2016) Urban Green Spaces and Health: A review of evidence

Schmutz et al, Garden Organic and Sustain (2014) The benefits of gardening and food growing for health and wellbeing


Noah Mellor - Neighbourhood Health Worker


T:07484 546 326

T:0161 271 0501

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“By attending buzz's PARS exercise classes, it encouraged me to join a walking group, a gym and a gardening class at Whitworth Art Gallery.”

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