North Manchester Age Friendly Networks

North Manchester Age Friendly Networks

Age Friendly network meetings take place across the city bringing together key stake holders and frontline workers.

Benefit of Health Networks

Age-friendly networks in local communities ensure good practice and good ideas are circulated from one area to another, and that all areas promote the idea of an age-friendly city. Taking part in the network empowers each member of the community to have greater control in their own health care.


North Manchester

Project team

Ancoats, Clayton and Bradford network – Matthew Brown (Neighbourhood Health Worker / chair) and Simon Kitchin (Neighbourhood Health Worker – Age Friendly)

Moston and New Moston network – Simon Kitchin (Neighbourhood Health Worker – Age Friendly / chair) and Anna Jawarka (Neighbourhood Health Worker)

Miles Platting network – Rev. Ellie and Ged Reek (Church of the Apostles / chairs)

Cheetham Hill and Crumpsall network – Charlee Fitzgerald (Neighbourhood Health Worker / chair) and Simon Kitchin (Neighbourhood Health Worker – Age Friendly)

Harpurhey, Higher Blackley and Charlestown network – Lauren Evans (Neighbourhood Health Worker / chair) and Simon Kitchin (Neighbourhood Health Worker – Age Friendly)

Each network is made up of different partners dependent on services delivered in each neighbourhood. Networks include; Adult services (e.g. social workers / team managers), Schools, Age UK, Manchester Local Care Organisation, City Council Neighbourhood Teams, Elected members, Housing providers, Sheltered housing managers, Libraries, Friends of – parks, Job Centre Plus, Local community Transport / Ring and Ride, Health groups, Good Neighbours Groups

Community Groups, Faith groups, U3A and of course older residents.

There is no AF Network in the City Centre, although plans are in place to establish this as a thirteenth neighbourhood and implement age friendly projects through the CC Partnership Group.


The aim of an Age Friendly network is to help older people to: maintain independence and wellbeing, live well at home for longer, build social networks that protect individuals and communities against exclusion and poor health, improve access to information about things to do and services they may need, and give citizens a more effective voice in the decisions that affect their lives.

Each network has (or is in the process of) developing an age friendly action plan that represents the needs and aspirations / assets of the local area. The plan enables the network to monitor actions initiated through the partnership and evidence project outcomes.


Since September 2019, three Age Friendly networks have been initiated in North Manchester, with two established networks (under the Ambition for Ageing banner) also continuing to meet. A variety of projects have come from the networks.

Ancoats Clayton and Bradford network – currently meeting virtually after holding 3 face to face meetings. This network has designed its own logo and is looking to plan and deliver an event to promote the network’s objectives to local people. Also looking at Take-a Seat campaign and an online ‘TV Guide’ for older people that promotes opportunities to become digitally included.

Moston and New Moston network – gained OpeNS funding to deliver a Volunteer Drivers Scheme and organise activity sessions for older people. Members were also involved in producing a promotional video with local residents on the 117 bus route through Moston. Buzz staff are currently administrating this network until a new chair is elected.

Miles Platting network – delivering various activities for older residents as part of the OpeNS funding with Moston. Have been supporting the community response with food deliveries etc. Other projects include Jolly January winter wellbeing event and Ridgeway St Community Garden.

Cheetham Hill and Crumpsall network – held its first ‘virtual’ meeting in June. Members are considering who else needs to be involved (residents?) with the network and has begun looking at the priorities / action plan for older people in the neighbourhood.

Harpurhey, Higher Blackley and Charlestown network – currently meeting virtually after 2 face to face meetings and developing an action plan. North City Nomads older peoples network supporting with covid response and planning to purchase equipment for indoor bowls and curling (from the falls event held in February). Also supporting other activity sessions such as card making and coffee mornings. Due to consult around Age Friendly Benches.

Strategic Links to local/national policies



Increased mental wellbeing

Manchester Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Helping people age well

Taking Control of our Health and Social Care in Greater Manchester

Empowers people to take charge of their health

NHS Long Term Plan 2019

Enables people to live independently as they grow older

Manchester’s Self-Care Strategy

Creating an age-friendly city

Manchester Population Health Plan

Research/evidence base

Mantovani et al (2017) Engaging communities to improve mental health in African and Afro-Caribbean groups: the role of wellbeing champions Health & Social Care in the Community 25 (1) 167-176

NESTA – By us, for us: the power of co-design and co-delivery

NIHR – Improving community health networks for people with severe mental illness


Simon Kitchin - Age Friendly Neighbourhood Health Worker & North Manchester Locality Lead

Tel: 075521 249977

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