Mini Kitchen Garden Kits

Mini Kitchen Garden Kits

Seeds and soil given to local residents to grow ingredients to use in their home.

Benefit of learning new skills

Keep learning is one of the Five Ways to Wellbeing, five evidence-based actions which can improve personal wellbeing. Adults engaged in lifelong learning are more likely to be healthier, have better mental health and be more socially connected. They are also more likely to participate in the community and decisions concerning the community. Learning new skills increases individuals’ employability, supporting the economic growth of the community. Adults involved in learning are more likely to be involved in their children’s education, helping them learn and raise attainment.



Project team




To distribute gardening kits to residents so they could grow their own plants from seeds.

" Straight from the garden. Had these lovely radishes from the garden kit for lunch yesterday. Gorgeous” (Resident)

“I found the pack on my doorstep and it was a lovely surprise! I’ve been really lonely since I lost my husband so it has given me a lot of pleasure to do something he would have enjoyed if he was still here with me. I’ve grown some lovely radishes which I have used in a salad. I chopped up the basil in some mashed potato which was lovely. My husband was an avid gardener so I know if he was here he would have enjoyed the pack so I did it in his memory.” (Resident)

“We have given the planting bags out and we have some gorgeous photos and videos already of the children planting the seeds and the feedback has been great already, one mum said that the child really enjoyed it and they were talking about where fruit and vegetables came from and the child thought they just come from the supermarket and didn't realise that they grew from the ground." (Local Surestart centre)

“It was lovely of you to visit and drop them off. We have only one left at the day centre and they have been really appreciated by those who certainly will benefit from them.” (Age UK Levenshulme/Gorton)


The project was a success with positive comments from residents from different parts of Manchester. Overall 536 bags were distributed. The project was delivered to young people and also older people who learnt how to plant seeds and start a new hobby. From the project it is hoped that new gardening groups will emerge across the city.

Strategic links to local/national policies



Helping people live healthier lives

Healthy Lives, Healthy People (MH Government, 2010)

The Manchester Locality Plan – A Healthier Manchester

Manchester Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Manchester Prevention Programme

Increased mental wellbeing

Manchester Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Greater Manchester Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Increasing community involvement

Healthy Lives, Healthy People (MH Government, 2010)

Manchester Prevention Programme

Socially connected communities

Manchester Population Health Plan


NHS Five Year Forward View (Department of Health, 2014)

Taking Charge of our Health and Social Care in Greater Manchester (GMCA, 2015)

Our Manchester Strategy

Giving children the best start in life

Taking Charge of our Health and Social Care in Greater Manchester (GMCA, 2015)

Greater Manchester Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Research/evidence base

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