Know Africa Event Food parcels

Know Africa Event Food parcels

To engage with, and provide food parcels, to new residents who live in Wythenshawe, particularly people from BAME groups.

Benefit of food provision

Food insecurity has been shown to have a negative impact on mental and physical health across the lifespan. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Food Foundation estimates that the number of adults facing food poverty has quadrupled. Providing food parcels has been a popular and effective community response to the increased demand for and pressure on community food support, particularly food banks. Community groups are well-placed to provide support to hard-to-reach groups and the clinically extremely vulnerable who are required to self-isolate. Their cultural understanding and local knowledge helps ensure provisions meet the needs of local residents. Food boxes encourage families to cook from scratch which is associated with a healthier diet and increased fruit and vegetable intake.


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The main aim was to engage with new residents and build connections within the local community. I will be following this up in the new year to start discussions from the community questionnaires.


Due to Covid-19 restrictions I wasn’t able to meet the residents myself and whilst completing the community questionnaires. The pre-paid envelopes have been very helpful during this period, we have received a good number of questionnaires back in the post.

At the moment linking in with existing community activities to complete questionnaires is proving to be relatively successful, however I will reflect on this further once this group has been contacted.

Strategic links to local/national policies



Helping people live healthier lives

Healthy Lives, Healthy People (MH Government, 2010)

Fair Society, Healthy Lives (Institute of Health Equity, 2010)

The Manchester Locality Plan – A Healthier Manchester

Manchester Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Manchester Prevention Programme

Increased mental wellbeing

Manchester Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Greater Manchester Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Addressing health inequalities

Fair Society, Healthy Lives (Institute of Health Equity, 2010)

Community ownership and long-term sustainability

Healthy Lives, Healthy People (HM Government, 2010)

Research/evidence base

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Emma Farrell - Neighbourhood Health Worker

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