Gorton Corona Helpers

Gorton Corona Helpers

Project set up in response to the overwhelming demand for their service.

Benefit of funding local projects

Identifying funding empowers communities to deliver the solutions they have designed. Research has shown that staff who can offer mediation, guidance and support in the funding application and project process are as important to community groups as receiving the funding itself. Staff who have a good knowledge of the area and who needs support, enable funding to be accessed by more marginalised people and groups. Funding sometimes needs to come from multiple sources and Neighbourhood Health Workers save time being able to quickly identify multiple potential sources.



Project team

Cllr Julie Reid

Manchester City Council Neighbourhood Team


One Manchester

Stroke Association


Gorton Corona Helpers are a group helping support vulnerable residents during the Covid 19 pandemic. They have been helping local residents in need of food parcels, support collecting shopping. The group have also been signposting to external support from the council, housing providers and national support organisations. Telephone based pastoral support was also offered to those who felt that they would benefit from having some to chat to.

The group is made up of local residents in the Gorton and Abbey Hey area. The local St James’s Church have been central to organising the group and have acted as a hub for deliveries. The group have also been heavily supported by Local Councillors and members of the Manchester City Council Neighbourhood Team. During the Pandemic buzz Neighbourhood Health Worker Noah has maintained contact with the mutual aid group and assisted with challenges faced by them.


‘It has been a real God Send! To get to know Noah and the BUZZ service during this Covid crisis. We are in unprecedented times with demand for help high. From the very beginning it was my intention to face this crisis as a community team. In that regard it has been a privilege to get to know councillors/ Neighbourhood officers Neighbourhood Health Workers such as Noah. It has been very helpful to have our regular Zoom meetings, and again just to see how we are facing this as team and not being isolated ourselves. Even if we have not used all the information that has been provided, that isn’t the point. Knowing it is there and where we can seek info/advice from is the point. Noah and the Buzz have been an invaluable service and I am the richer for getting to know them. Practically Noah also helped me obtain a grant to replace my increasingly unreliable computer, with one to help me do my community work helping to Coordinate our Self Isolating Project (food parcels/ Phone calls to lonely and Prescription collections) So Yes warmly endorse Noah and the Buzz network. THANKYOU’

Warmest Blessings and Prayers Rev Craig P Smith, Team Rector Gorton and Abbey Hey, Area Dean Ardwick Diocese of Manchester Gorton and Abbey Hey Foodbank Coordinating Team


Gorton Corona Helpers have been distributing flyers with information about available support to the homes of residents across Gorton to help ensure that everyone in the area knows how to access support. This has been especially important in this area as many local residents do not have internet in their homes. The fliers included contact details for the mutual aid group as well as support from the council and housing providers and the national domestic abuse helpline.

Through the Gorton and Levenshulme Age Friendly Network and the buzz info sharing emails the group were able to access support with delivering leaflets from Healthy Me Healthy Communities’ who delivered leaflets to 200 resident they work with, A link was also made with the MLCO Integrated team lead to arrange for her teams to deliver leaflets when they make house calls to patients. Staff from One Manchester Housing, Arcon Housing and The stroke association also agreed to deliver leaflets. Noah additionally delivered leaflets to six hundred local homes and Neighbourhood Health worker Ben Talbot also helped to cover the area of Abbey Hey known as the Ladders.

Noah has also worked closely with a key member of the group to apply for funding to access a new computer to help manage the day to day tasks involved in organising the group.

Strategic links to local/national policies




NHS Five Year Forward View (Department of Health, 2014)

Healthy Lives, Healthy People (MH Government, 2010)

Our Manchester Strategy

Communities engaged in the design and delivery of local services

Healthy Lives, Healthy People (MH Government, 2010)

The Manchester Prevention Programme

Addressing inequalities

Fair Society, Healthy Lives (Institute of Health Equity, 2010)

NHS Five Year Forward View (Department of Health, 2014)

Research/evidence base

Ambition for Ageing (2020) - Changing a place: Microfunding, co-production and community development

Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis - Sourcing Financial Resources for Community Development Initiatives

National Lottery Community Fund (2019) - Understanding Thriving Communities

Young Foundation (2013) - Improving small scale grant funding for local voluntary and community organisations


Noah Mellor - buzz Neighbourhood Health Worker


T:07484 546 326

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"From each contact we have had with buzz we have been able to see their passion and expertise in promoting the health of children in Manchester."

Jennifer, Specialist Nurse, Looked After Children Team

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