Combatting COVID-19 vaccine misinformation

Combatting COVID-19 vaccine misinformation

buzz Knowledge Service arms Digital Inclusion staff with reliable sources to fight misinformation.

Last year, Digital Inclusion Assistant Nick Georgiou became a Knowledge Champion by attending the Introduction to Misinformation course from the Knowledge Service’s Better Information Programme. He shared how he has used the training in his role.

Q: What is your role?

A: I am a Digital Inclusion Assistant. I get free digital devices to residents across Manchester who need them most. People who receive the devices are often at risk of social isolation or cannot afford to buy a device for themselves. After a resident has got their device, I will check to see how they are getting on and if they need any support e.g help booking a GP appointment.

Q: What Better Information Programme training session did you attend?

A: I attended the Introduction to Misinformation course arranged for Manchester Public Library staff.

Q: When have you needed to use the training?

A: When I’m supporting residents with IT issues, they often share concerns around stories they have heard about COVID and the vaccine. One resident explained that they were going to get a tetanus jab rather than a COVID jab because the tetanus jab lasts for 10 years rather than 6 months.

Q: How did you use the training to help this resident?

A: I explained that the tetanus jab is for tetanus, not COVID. Then I signposted the resident to sources of reliable health information recommended in the training. Sometimes these conversations can become quite heated. Sharing the reliable websites helped me direct people to trusted information in a non-confrontational way.


“The course helped me know where to direct people in a non-confrontational way. I know that the list of health information websites is balanced, researched and peer-reviewed. I feel confident sharing them with the public and I know I’m signposting to trustworthy information.”

Nick Georgiou - Digital Inclusion Assistant

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