Christmas Boxes

Christmas Boxes

To support and make links with families who are struggling financially around Christmas.

Benefits of Wellbeing/craft bags, kit and packs.

Staying connected has a strong positive impact on physical and mental health and personal resilience. Social distancing restrictions have made staying connected difficult, particularly for those who do not have the technology to connect virtually. buzz has found innovative ways to address this. Distributing wellbeing bags, kits and packs helps people who may not be able to stay connected through technology feel connected with their community. The bags remind people that social support is available and gives them a sense of belonging, both of which have been shown to improve wellbeing and resilience. Receiving functional social support i.e. the bags, has also been shown to have emotional value and be interpreted as emotional support.


Withington & Old Moat

Didsbury, Burnage & Chorlton Park

Harpurhey, Charlestown & Higher Blackley

Cheetham & Crumpsall

Ancoats, Clayton & Bradford

Project Team

buzz Manchester Health & Wellbeing Service

Old Moat Sure Start Children’s Centre

Burnage Sure Start Children’s Centre

Higher Blackley Sure Start Children’s Centre

Charlestown Sure Start Children’s Centre

Clayton Sure Start Children’s Centre

Woodville Sure Start Children’s Centre

Poppy Soldatos, Tesco Cheetham Hill

Naomi Macdonald, ASDA Eastlands


To support and make links with families who are struggling financially around Christmas.


Feedback from parents that received their Christmas Boxes via their local Sure Start Children’s Centre.

Alison said she was “Looking forward to pampering herself and was so happy with the pamper pack and that parents were thought of in this way. It was so lovely, lovely things for me.”

Dionne said “You don't realise how much you all do for us; You have helped me so much. I enjoyed the pampering as it was just for me.”

Kathleen said “I really appreciated the pamper things, especially love the biscuits.”

Adrianne said “The Pamper Hamper was a lovely thought, I really enjoyed it.”

Grace said “It was nice to pamper myself when Rachel was in bed, it felt good.”

Candice said “Aw that is nice that you gave me that, because it’s usually the kids that get stuff, I really appreciate it.”

Claire said “It really cheered me up as I was feeling quite down.”


53 families, a total of 212 children and adults, benefitted from receiving a Christmas Box.

Strategic Links



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Dina Pieri

Neighbourhood Health Worker (South Locality),

Start Well Develop Well Team

T.07585 648 713

Brian Goodman

Neighbourhood Health Worker (North Locality),

Start Well Develop Well

T. 0161 271 0566

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“By attending buzz's PARS exercise classes, it encouraged me to join a walking group, a gym and a gardening class at Whitworth Art Gallery.”

Local Manchester City Centre resident attending PARS exercise classes