Chorlton on Medlock Allotment Society (COMAS) allotment funding

Chorlton on Medlock Allotment Society (COMAS) allotment funding

Funding to provide electricity in an allotment so it could be used as a community space for local social events.

Benefit of funding local projects

Identifying funding empowers communities to deliver the solutions they have designed. Research has shown that staff who can offer mediation, guidance and support in the funding application and project process are as important to community groups as receiving the funding itself. Staff who have a good knowledge of the area and who needs support, enable funding to be accessed by more marginalised people and groups. Funding sometimes needs to come from multiple sources and Neighbourhood Health Workers save time being able to quickly identify multiple potential sources.


Chorlton on Medlock Allotment Society


Project team

Main contact is Martin Toal at COMAS.

Other partners supporting the installation of this electricity are Manchester City Council and S4B housing.


buzz met Martin Toal around the start of 2020 as he had been looking for support to get electricity supplied to the allotment site in Hartfield Close, Brunswick area in Ardwick.

buzz visited Martin at the site and could see the potential. The allotments are looked after lovingly by local people and they are located right next to literally hundreds of flats and there is further current construction near the site.

Martin already had discussed a quote for this electricity connection with Electricity North West as this is clearly something they have wanted for the site. Discussed this with buzz Community Development Manager and they agreed this could be a real boost for this community.

Discussed this with the City Council and S4B housing who agreed to part fund this electricity installation with us at Buzz, in order to get the electricity installed as soon as possible.


“ Hi Aron, Here a big thank you as the Treasurer has told me the Wellbeing Funds are now in the COMAS account. Thanks for all the hard work and enthusiasm that this has involved, especially with the added burden of Covid-19, which has doubled the workload of many people in local statutory organisations. Yours gratefully, Martin “


This project had a timeframe problem because the funding was agreed just before the end of the financial year and this created some confusion with NHS procurement. The funding took at least a couple of months longer than expected to get to the organisations (COMAS) bank account but they are very pleased that they will be able to have electricity installed on the site sooner rather than later. I had learnt before that I need to keep up communication with procurement throughout that part of the process to ensure that funding gets to the projects that we are working with, as agreed. This has been a big success. I feel that this community space will be used for so many wonderful events in the local area over the coming years.

Strategic links to local/national policies




NHS Five Year Forward View (Department of Health, 2014)

Healthy Lives, Healthy People (MH Government, 2010)

Our Manchester Strategy

Communities engaged in the design and delivery of local services

Healthy Lives, Healthy People (MH Government, 2010)

The Manchester Prevention Programme

Addressing inequalities

Fair Society, Healthy Lives (Institute of Health Equity, 2010)

NHS Five Year Forward View (Department of Health, 2014)

Research/evidence base

Ambition for Ageing (2020) - Changing a place: Microfunding, co-production and community development

Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis - Sourcing Financial Resources for Community Development Initiatives

National Lottery Community Fund (2019) - Understanding Thriving Communities

Young Foundation (2013) - Improving small scale grant funding for local voluntary and community organisations


Aron Thornley - buzz Neighbourhood Health Worker

T: 07425520199

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