Barlow Moor Community Centre Age friendly events.

Barlow Moor Community Centre Age friendly events.

A series of workshops for older people attending the centre, culminating in a winter warmer event.

Benefit of health networks

Age-friendly networks in local communities ensure good practice and good ideas are circulated from one area to another, and that all areas promote the idea of an age-friendly city. Taking part in the network empowers each member of the community to have greater control in their own health care.


Chorlton Park

Project team

Barlow Moor Community Centre

District Nurses

The Falls Team (LCO)

Southway Housing - advice



To build social connection and inclusion, and to promote discussion around health and wellbeing. To create an opportunity for people to receive information and advice around their needs, particularly in cold weather.


"BMCA has worked with Bernie on several projects for the over 60’s we have invited her as a guest speaker on food and mood and health during our cake and conversation session.

Joint applications for events such as our winter warmer that involved a hotpot lunch, blankets, hat, scarf, gloves, thermal cup and a packet of soup. Invitations to external agents offering information on energy saving and winter advice

Bernie delivers quality training to our staff and volunteers ….I feel BMCA have benefitted from the partnership immensely and hope to continue to work in partnership.

It was so interesting. I found out lots of things. I will come again (to the community centre) after the new year."


The project was a success. People responded well and the discussion around health and wellbeing were varied and interesting. A link was made between the centre and local District Nurses and social Services, which enables more effective communication.

Strategic links to local/national policies



Increased mental wellbeing

Manchester Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Helping people age well

Taking Control of our Health and Social Care in Greater Manchester

Empowers people to take charge of their health

NHS Long Term Plan 2019

Enables people to live independently as they grow older

Manchester’s Self-Care Strategy

Creating an age-friendly city

Manchester Population Health Plan

Research/evidence base

Mantovani et al (2017) Engaging communities to improve mental health in African and Afro-Caribbean groups: the role of wellbeing champions Health & Social Care in the Community 25 (1) 167-176

NESTA – By us, for us: the power of co-design and co-delivery

NIHR – Improving community health networks for people with severe mental illness


Bernie Murphy - Neighbourhood Health Worker

T: 07971 331 537

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Faizah, Assistant Practitioner, South Community Learning Disability Team.

Faizah, Assistant Practitioner, South Community Learning Disability Team. photo